When you’re adding patio decking onto your house, you need to look into Trex decking, because of its proven track record with home owners. Trex is made with a composite decking material, manufactured from alternative materials unlike others, because it uses more wood. It is completely recyclable, along with being environmentally friendly. In spite of incorporating real wood, it will take much less maintenance than wooden decking.

Trex is an excellent value, while at first you might think it’s a bit expensive. But once you investigate more extensively, you’ll realize it’s actually a great value. With Trex you’ll avoid most of the extra costs connected with the purchase of other decking materials. For example, if you use wood you’ll have to worry about bugs and wood rot, and you’ll have to stain or paint nearly every year. Not so with Trex. Your decking will last a lifetime, and all those difficulties connected with wood will not arise. You are likely to find that Trex is the best price, once you add up all of the addition costs that will be necessary to keep your wood deck in good shape.

And it gets better – add in that Trex is slip-resistant, does not splinter or crack or swell, even when confronted with cold and wet weather. Still it functions just like wood when you work with it; you can saw it and fasten it in place the same as wood. With UV protection, the Trex decking is not going to fade, regardless of how hot the days become, or how much glare from the sun. You will have a bit of light fading over the first few months, as the composite decking is going through a natural process of being acclimated to the area.

What is Trex created from? It’s primarily reconstituted sawdust, fibers and plastic, in addition to reclaimed wood. Any color you observe runs right through the piece, rather than simply being painted on. If needed, you can get a great installation kit, as well as guidelines on building a beautiful, new deck. The assembly kit includes a small additional charge, but you can download the instructions right from the Trex website. As you get your initial buy of Trex product for your deck, be sure and get all you’re going to need, because if you have to place another order you may not be able to get precisely the same color.

Trex stands out as the number 1 national brand, and they have a successful track record of creating products that are durable and high quality. Their products and services are actually guaranteed against warping, splintering and rotting, as well as insect pest damage, for your peace of mind. Should you expect to live in your house for an additional five years, Trex will pay for itself. The beauty of Trex could be that you never are required to paint it. Just that, alone, should raise the value enough to encourage you to use it for all of your decks.

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