BankruptcyWhat is bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal position of an individual or other entity that cannot repay the debt it owes. Generally, in most jurisdictions, bankruptcy is enforced by means of a court ruling, frequently initiated by the consumer.

Have you been on the edge of bankruptcy and need help?

“[companyname]” professionals will help you in this matter. We’re completely equipped to provide the additional work force, technical assistance and legal assistance to enhance mortgage performance.

Our experts offer following services:

* Review of plans and Objections

* Claim proofs

* Motion for Relief against Stay

* Claim Notices Transfer

* Payment Change Notice

* Payment Compliance and Monitoring

* Loss Mitigation Services

* Reaffirmation Agreements

* Defense of Debtor and Trustee Motions

* Discharge Audits and Reviews

* Adversary Proceedings and Litigation

Our bankruptcy team collaborates with our client’s management team, board of directors and legal and financial advisors to develop and implement a comprehensive reorganization plan.

The benefits of having “[companyname]” professionals are:

  • Increased repayment capacity
  • Decreased time in receiving the repayments
  • Timely responses

We are committed to remaining an industry leader and providing non judgmental, high quality financial counseling services. Your support and continued referrals for these services is greatly appreciated.

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