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Financial Options After One Has Declared Bankruptcy

home for saleBankruptcy is a financial option for those individuals whose debt has run away from them. It is not that hard to experience debt issues and individuals have had to declare bankruptcy in order to dig themselves out of the surmounting debt. The term bankruptcy has negative connotations however this should not be the case. An individual who declares bankruptcy is taking that big step in order to get their finances under control and wipe the slate clean. Individuals may be hesitant to do so as they feel their life post-bankruptcy will be financially constrained. This is not so and the following paragraphs will highlight some financial options one has following the declaration of bankruptcy.

Mortgage after Bankruptcy

One issue that disturbs individuals considering filing for bankruptcy is that they may never be able to obtain a mortgage after bankruptcy declaration. The fact is that individuals who have declared bankruptcy have been able to obtain a mortgage after tha proceeding has been completed. Most individuals looking to obtain a mortgage post-bankruptcy will have to wait until the bankruptcy is final and proceedings have been completed yet there are lenders who are more than willing to lend to an individual post-bankruptcy. Bankruptcy mortgage financing is available to many individuals who are in that predicament. Some lenders may deny loans to these individuals yet there will always be other ones who will finance home loans after a bankruptcy declaration.

Credit Cards after Bankruptcy

Another issue which individuals find themselves contemplating both prior to and after declaring bankruptcy is whether or not they will be able to obtain credit cards after bankruptcy. Credit cards are extremely important items for many individuals as they provide a way for people to make large or vital purchases and then pay back the debt on a monthly basis. It is important to note that credit card companies will and do provide credit cards to individuals who have declared bankruptcy. Although some credit card companies will be more selective than others, it is necessary to point out that there are options with regard to obtaining credit after bankruptcy.

Personal Loans after Bankruptcy

Individuals who have declared bankruptcy may also be able to obtain personal loans. Personal loans are used for a variety of reasons such as college, home improvements, or purchasing a car. A personal loan after bankruptcy is not a rare occurrence and a variety of lenders will make this option available to borrowers who may have fallen on hard times in the past


There are certain instances in individual’s lives when they need to declare bankruptcy. It is crucial for these individuals to keep in the back of their mind that declaring bankruptcy will not definitively thwart any future loans which they need to acquire in the future. One who seeks bankruptcy advice should also inquire about credit repair after bankruptcy and what the future may hold for individuals like themselves who need to declare bankruptcy.

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Getting Reliable Legal Assistance for Your Real Estate Needs

legalWhen facing any legal issue, there is usually a lot at stake, this is why you need a great lawyer for the best possible results. Lawyers are useful to not only represent you in court but also give you sound legal advice and a source of legal information. You want to find a trustworthy lawyer  who you can rely on for legal advice and representation at any time. Consider the following:

Get a specialist
Law is quite broad and there are various subspecialties to it that most lawyers practices. If you need a high level of expertise in the legal matter you are dealing with, you should get a specialist. For instance, when going through divorce, it is advisable to get an experienced divorce attorney. When you need help with real estate concerns in Smithfield NC, get someone that has vast experience in this field as well. There are so many other specialty areas of practice including criminal law, tax law, family law and so on. Specialists are much different from any other kind of lawyers since they undergo sufficient training and work experience to earn the title of experts in their specific field of practice.

Great personality
Personality is very important when choosing someone to work with. If you do not get along with your lawyer, no doubt you will not get the best out of working with them. You should consider professional training and individual personality as well before hiring an attorney. If you feel uncomfortable discussing your problem with the lawyer, you may never get the ideal client-lawyer relationship that you should have with them.

Find a lawyer who is prompt and a good communicator
Simple things such as how fast the lawyers office responds to your initial email query or phone call tell a lot about the kind of firm or attorney you should expect to work with. Good communication and promptness are extremely crucial qualities of a lawyer, especially when dealing with time sensitive legal matters. Just because your lawyer is friendly does not mean you should overlook the good communication and promptness.

Interested in you
A great lawyer should always show interest in the client. In your first meeting, you should expect a lot of questions coming from the attorney. The more the lawyer knows about you, the better equipped they can be to give you accurate legal advice. Attorneys who are quick to jump to cookie-cutter solutions for legal problems should definitely be a red flag for you. The more questions the attorney asks, the higher the chance they are interested in working with you.

Selling in Pre-Foreclosure

Are you really facing foreclosure? If you have received a notice of foreclosure from your bank, you might be feeling a wide array of emotions. These emotions may include despair, rage, and anxiety. Now’s the time to take actions, no matter how you are feeling about the situation. Based on what measures you take, as well as how soon you act, you might be able to prevent foreclosure.

Foreclosure - what CAN you do?There you’ll find specialists who will help point you in the right way. A HUD approved housing counselor may supply you with hints about how to avoid foreclosure. But when you have reached the stage where foreclosure cannot be stopped, assistance on locating a brand new house and picking up the bits will be supplied.

Another professional that homeowners should turn is to that of legal counsel. If you choose to contact a lawyer for legal advice, it is imperative that you select a person who has experience dealing with real estate and foreclosure cases. As for how you can be helped by a lawyer, they might have the capacity to discontinue the foreclosure procedure. There are a number of ways this may be accomplished.

Have you thought about a mortgage modification? It really is not in your bank/lender’s best interests to take over your home in most cases. IF you have a million dollar property and missed your last payment, yes, it probably IS in their best interests, but that is usually not the case. There are a lot of things that go into a foreclosure and anything that can be done to prevent it from getting to this point is a plus. That said, how about simply contacting them and seeing if some type of mortgage modification can be worked out? Learn more at Fannie Mae about working out a loan modification. Remember, it’s in their interest to do so.

As embarrassing as it might be to admit that you might lose your house, now is the time to get support and encouragement from close friends as well as family members. The truth is, they might have the ability to allow you to avoid foreclosure. Can you borrow money from someone that you simply know? If so, just make sure that you pay it back and in a timely question.

Returning back to seeking professional foreclosure guidance and support, real estate agents can also be approached. Nevertheless, it’s best if they may be contacted when you see an issue. Before the official foreclosure phase is entered into by your home, it is known as being in pre-foreclosure sales. You can still try to sell your house. The wisdom and expertise of a professional real estate agent can help you sell your home faster, although it’s possible for you to record your house as for sale by owner.

Outside of all the areas which you must turn to seek help with avoiding foreclosure, the bank is the most crucial. Fiscal lenders desire to avoid foreclosure. Why? Because they almost always lose money on the sale of foreclosed properties. Be sure to meet with somebody who’s high ranking in the division, such as the chief loan officer or the bank president. Do thus when you can demonstrate your fiscal adversities are merely temporary. This may help convince your mortgage lender to provide more time to you.

The web may also be used to seek assist and foreclose help. It’s important to continue with care, when utilizing the web. Many states clearly summarize their foreclosure laws and homeowner options on their websites, that said. You may also find comprehensive information online from homeowners who have been in the same place as you, facing foreclosure. Other homeowners may share the ways that they had the ability to successfully prevent foreclosure. Foreclosure guidance can easily be located online free of charge.